By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

I need to preface this with some personal info. I just had my yearly physical and generally speaking I am in good health. And yesterday’s heat brought me to my knees. Now granted I was outside, in the sun, or at times, in a rather hot enclosed area doing some chores. I was hydrating big time — two jugs of water, Gatorade, and to break it up one very cold beer. I could not stop sweating, my core temp was high. A couple of hours later I had to call it a day. Now here is my point. Old, young, in-between, it really does not matter. At some point when the thermometer calls your name you need to know it, and get REAL proactive. And fast.

Today will be another chance for that to happen, to someone, later on. 96° the forecast high, 102+° the heat index later on. And with very little shade.

Yesterday we did see pop up thunderstorms and might again today. While driving through one about 6 PM last night my car thermometer dropped from the mid 90’s to the mid 80’s. The effect of that Summer rain. But the real relief will not come until a cold front tomorrow with Summertime gusty weather. There is always a bill to pay isn’t there?

Take care later. Hunker down just one more time, this week anyway.


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