BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In light of President Trump’s comments about Baltimore this week, Mayor Jack Young said the people of Baltimore need to take more pride in where they live.

He walked through a Baltimore neighborhood with a small group on Tuesday, pointing out areas that he described as “filthy” and appeared frustrated saying there was “crime and grime” everywhere he went.

“They have to take their own pride like I do in my own neighborhood, like most of these folk here, like she takes in her neighborhood where she lives. People just have to show some more pride in where they live. We’re not dirty but we’ve become dirty,” Young said.

He expressed his frustrations amid President Trump’s allegations that “billions and billions” of aid has been wasted in Baltimore.

Mayor Young said if that was the case, then the president should investigate if Baltimore is as worse as he says it is, but added that they have requested funds but the federal government has come up short.

“Don’t keep telling us we’re not spending money wisely when they’re not giving us the resource that we need for Baltimore,” He said.

But the mayor acknowledged that this is a “people problem” and that the residents of Baltimore have a responsibility, not only to themselves but to the City where they live.

He added that President Trump needs to stop tweeting and start being a president.

“In my whole entire life, I have never heard or seen any president tweeting, attacking people like this president, dividing this nation and also alienating our allies from around the world,” Young said.


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