ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MD. (WJZ) — Over the past six months, multiple cars have been hit with thefts during the night.

Tire thieves are putting vehicles up on cement blocks and taking all four tires- with many owners waking up to find their vehicle sitting without the wheels.

No one has heard anything in the night.

Police said they have reports countywide of similar crimes.

“They operate very quickly,” Marc Limansky, of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, said. “They jack the car up, remove the tire and then haul it away.”

But recently, some of the tirejackings have been captured on video, and police are urging residents to call them if they know the people in the video.

A victim whose car was hit right after Christmas said her brand new Lexus and all four tires were stolen a few weeks after she brought the car home.

She said her car was parked directly in front of her tenant’s home and nobody heard anything- the dogs didn’t even bark at night, she added.

“These are not your average thieves, they know what they’re doing. They must have even had a special tool to get the bolts off my tire because it’s a Lexus and needs special tools,” Shelby Henson said.

Henson now has special wheel locks, but she estimates her insurance company paid close to 10,000 just to replace the wheels and fix a dent made when putting the car on blocks.

Many residents said that they are frustrated that this is happening.

“To come out and see your vehicle sitting on blocks, that’s kind of heartwrenching,” Jamil Bows said.

Police said that if this has happened to you, or in your neighborhood, report it quickly so that they can collect all of the evidence that they need to start a case.


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