Hi Everyone!

Pretty dramatic storms, again,  yesterday. As we have discussed before in this blog there has been a lot of dramatic weather this season. We do have spotty thunderstorms in the outlook today, and again tomorrow as cold front is stalling out just to our south. But the Storm Prediction Center has us in no category of possible severe weather today or tomorrow. “Garden variety” stuff as I like to say.

A moisture-rich low will run along that soon to be stationary front and Saturday looks to be a mostly gray, and a potentially damp day. Sunday tough, weather-wise, has potentials to be a Sunday Funday. Hopefully no drama.

All good and all quiet now.

It is August 1st and the “dog days” of Summer are approaching. Interesting how the late-season stuffiness gets its name. Comes from the ancient Romans because they associated this time of the season with the star Sirius. It is known as the “dog star” because it is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major, “Large Dog.”  A prominent feature overhead in the late Summer sky. Nothing to do with the heaviness of the air and the haze in the sky. But just thinking about the “Dog Days” makes you want to just pant! No doubt we will be.



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