By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A north Baltimore teen is about to become a published author while still in high school.

A family member with special needs has changed Astri Daub’s life for the better.

To understand her story, you have to know her brother Rob.

Rob has autism and Down syndrome. At age 10, Astri began blogging about their family life, sharing her older brother’s joys and difficulties.

She has an entire photo library of her brother, including pictures of him starting his new hobby — horseback riding.

“You have to have a perfect moment to get the picture because he’s not going to smile unless he wants to smile,” Astri said.

Astri volunteers as Rob’s swim coach and founded a special needs advocacy club at The Bryn Mawr School. When thinking what will happen to her brother when he’s an adult, she came to a simple but powerful realization.

“People with disabilities deserve to live fruitful lives,” she said.

While a child, Astri accepted the fact she will become his primary care provider after her parents. Her journey into how to do that and how to improve living conditions for other people similar to Rob has led to a book deal.

“There’s only so much I can do as a teenager but i’m going to try my hardest just to make sure his experience is as positive as possible because he’s the kindest most amazing person I know, and he deserves a life worth living,” she said.



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