WINDSOR MILL, Md. (WJZ) — At the Liberty Seventh Day Adventist Church in Windsor Mill Monday evening, prayer and politics mixed as the congregation prayed for the victims of two deadly mass shootings over the weekend.

Pastor Mark McCleary felt compelled to change a previously-scheduled event due to the dual tragedies.

“We’ve designated it for prayer and anointing, and so we want to include in that the prayer for those families in Dayton, prayer in El Paso and prayer for what’s been going on for the last few years here in America,” he said.

Among the congregants was Baltimore resident Rocky Twyman, who said he wants to see lawmakers pass tougher gun laws in the wake of the shootings.

“I am just so sick of, ‘Our thoughts and prayers are with you,'” he said. “That is just wonderful but prayer without works is dead.”

Prayer wasn’t limited to churches; at a joint practice ahead of Thursday’s preseason game, the Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars also prayed for the shooting victims and their families.

Ravens, Jaguars Pray For El Paso, Dayton Mass Shooting Victims At Joint Practice

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan shared his thoughts on the shootings on Twitter Monday and also met with federal and state authorities to reduce crime in the state.

He also urged the state to “forcefully condemn and work to eradicate racism and hatred in all its forms.” Officials are investigating whether the El Paso shooting was racially motivated.

Gov. Larry Hogan: Maryland Authorities Monitoring For Potential Threats Online Following Mass Shootings In El Paso, Dayton

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