Hi Everyone!

Another day of spotty thunderstorms around. Another afternoon where we will have to wait and see where those cells fire up. Yesterday we had issues at the Howard County/Baltimore County line. We also had a gusty thunderstorm in Anne Arundel County that moved across the Bay to Kent County. The day before it was an AACO and Harford County Issue. Perfect examples of “spotty” thunderstorms. So again this afternoon it is a “where and when” scenario where foul weather may occur.

Tomorrow more widespread issues as a frontal boundary sweeps across the area.

Look, generally speaking-painting with a broad brush, a thunderstorm is a thunderstorm. It is the words, “widespread”, “spotty”, and “around” that are the keys to the forecast.

And remember ANY thunderstorm can cause problems whether in one neighborhood or many neighborhoods. So stay on point anytime you hear t-storms in the outlook. And you will frankly today, tomorrow, and Friday.

And the bottom line to the extended outlook if you will..which is literally the bottom line to this blog, is a good weekend STILL appears to be on the horizon.


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