BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the second day in a row, parts of Maryland got slammed with extreme weather.

Once again, the damage from the severe weather hop-scotched around the state.

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In Montgomery County, there was a water rescue. One city over in Gaithersburg, the roof of a big box store boxed in.

Further north in Harford County, residents felt the fury of the storm in Edgewood.

“I wanted to go out there and try to cover up some of my stuff and the wind was blowing so hard I thought it was a hurricane or something coming through there,” Steven Morris said.

Power lines also snapped as a tree fell.

“When I came I saw the road was blocked,” Philip Bounthrone said. “I saw that, but I didn’t notice the tree until my wife, she came up and was like, there’s a big tree why you ain’t tell me”?

Traffic had to be rerouted off Willoughby Road.

“They are coming through our neighborhood to get out and they are coming through our neighborhood to go home,” Vickie Summerville said.

It was a powerful storm that came and left but not before taking power.

“It’s a problem, can’t charge our phone, no nothing,” one resident said.

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The only destruction in Baltimore City on Wednesday night appeared to be damage to an old antenna and a street sign.

Tuesday night, however, a slow-moving storm brought in rain, hail and a whole lot of flooding.

Some people even found themselves in dangerous flood waters, trapped inside their homes and cars.

Courtesy: Twitter User @SarahBalt42

Credit: Alex Krupsey

Across the street from the Patterson Theatre, trees were toppled over or splitting in two.

Carol Youwer snapped a Facebook video from inside her Canton apartment, saying her street looked more like a river- and unfortunately, many of the cars took a direct hit.

“A bus came by which caused wakes, caused the cars to bob and knock against each other like bumper cars, I couldn’t believe I was seeing that,” Youwer said.

In fact, this is the third time in a matter of years that Carol’s car has been totaled because of flash flooding. She believes clogged storm drains could be the culprit.

“There’s only like an inch of space which is clearly not enough to handle any kind of water,” Youwer said.

The damage is also everywhere in an around Patterson Park, where crews worked to clear out tree limbs and remaining debris.

A Harbor East Street- South Caroline and Aliceanna looked completely different 24 hours later. But it had been a danger zone for drivers.

“All of a sudden, my engine just stopped and I was floating and swirling around and before I know it, the water keeps coming in,”

Sweeping away debris, clearing out obstructed storm drains and restoring power to thousands of homes and businesses was the priority Wednesday.

For an artist, the storm left behind hidden treasures.

“You can always make something from trees,” said Judy Beatty, local artist.

Beatty creates using wood to create exercise equipment. She said she was hoping to collect her craft before crews came by to clear it away.

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At the height of the storm, close to 8,000 people were without power. At last check, most of all those homes and businesses have their power back on.

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