BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If that back to school wallet is feeling a little empty, you may find some relief starting Sunday.

The start of Maryland tax-free week is on Sunday, Aug. 11, which means a 6% discount on tons of items.

The tax-free week applies to the majority of items both adults and children wear.

Items up to $100 are exempt from the State sales tax- and while people without school-age children may not know about it, it applies to them, too.

The items with tax-free status up to $100 include clothing, shoes, outerwear, backpacks $40 or less and uniforms.

“For just two uniforms, I paid $160, so it’s very expensive for school,”

The savings do add up.

“The manufactures put discounts on, the retail stores often put discounts on and you save the six percent on an unlimited number of items as long as the items cost less than $100,” Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot said.

Local retailers see the tax-free week as a plus.

“It’s a great jump start for our business and that’ll carry us all the way until school starts, pretty much til a week after Labor Day,”

The tax-free week starts Aug. 11 and runs through Aug. 17, and as a bonus, Maryland College and Trade School students can win scholarships in a social media contest.

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