BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Football is back in Baltimore!

After seven months, the Ravens return to action, and fans around town are excited to get a look at the team.

The Ravens take on the Jacksonville Jaguars to open up the preseason- and the biggest theme among fans: high expectations for quarterback Lamar Jackson.

“I’m excited about the season,” one Ravens fan told WJZ. “They’ve made some major changes in the organization, and I’m excited to see what they come out with.”

John Zipp said he wants to see how Jackson handles his first year as starting quarterback.

“I think we’re ready to go,” Zipp said. “Lamar’s been putting all the work in during the off-season, got the offense coming together. We got a good core of wide receivers, tight ends coming into their second year, a talented bunch. Offensively, I think we’re going to make major strides this year.”

Some Jaguars fans are also in town for the game.

“I’m pretty excited,” a Jaguars fan said. “It’d be nice to see Nick Foles what he can do. We paid the man a lot of money. We got rid of our former quarterback and I’d like to see somebody be able throw the ball.”

With thousands of prepped fans for the game, traffic downtown will make it easier to attend. Two Northbound lanes of Howard Street are open after significant repair work from the underground collapse in July.

At the gate, the Maryland Stadium Authority says heightened security will be there to reassure fans of their safety- something the fans are appreciative of as well.


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