BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Things got a little bananas when the new chimp name reveal at the Maryland Zoo didn’t quite go as planned.

But with a little help from the zookeepers, it all worked out, and Lola was introduced!

Lola is the new name for the newest baby chimp at the Maryland Zoo.

“It’s a nice name, a nice calm name,” a visitor said.

By popular and public demand, Lola beat out other favorites like Zalika and Afina.

“Names are very important for us here at the zoo, and we love the opportunity to get our guests and our audience in Baltimore involved in that,” Maryland Zoo Curator Margaret Innes said. “We had a huge number of people voting.”

The chimpanzees were let out into the exhibit and ripped down paper on a tree- that is where the name was revealed. However, the chimps did not cooperate.

The zookeepers had to help get the paper down to finally share Lola with everyone.

“We want them to have a personal connection with those animals,” Innes said. “In the hope that will get them to start thinking about the populations in the wild and what we do to conserve those animals for the future.”


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