Hi Everyone!

The beautiful weekend we have been discussing is here. As we speak a cold front is sliding by. A pretty good breeze will kick up today, humidity peels away and by tomorrow morning it will be 10° cooler than this morning’s low ’70s. Sun through the weekend with temps in the mid to mid-80’s. But there is one little bump in the road. Guidance this morning put it like this;

“There’ll be a gusty breeze developing later today, and the interaction between the August sun and some chilly air aloft may generate enough instability to trigger a spotty shower this afternoon — most of these will likely occur well north and west of the I-95 corridor!”

The Storm Prediction Center has Baltimore in no-risk category, and the road to this August Saturday, and Sunday Funday looks fairly smooth.

Today is the last single-digit day of August. Tomorrow is the 10th, and we will be one-third of the way through this month.

T.G.I.F. everyone, …ain’t it the truth!



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