BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the police helicopters and crime scene tape disappear in the northeast Baltimore neighborhood where Sergeant Isaac Carrington lives, the story of what happened is still what everybody is talking about.

Sergeant Carrington was shot multiple times after a robbery attempt in his own neighborhood on Thursday afternoon.


  • Baltimore Police sergeant shot multiple times during an alleged robbery in northeast Baltimore.
  • He was identified as Sgt. Isaac Carrington, a 22-year veteran of the force.
  • He was shot outside his home in northeast Baltimore.
  • He is in critical but stable condition. 

“They say we’re growing,” Michael Busch Sr. said. “Yes, we are growing as a City, but as we grow, crime grows, and it’s not mediocre crime. It’s horrible crime.”

Busch is Sergeant Carrington’s neighbor. He tells WJZ he was in his basement when he heard the gunshots and ran outside to Sergeant Carrington laying on the ground.

“I came over to him, and surprisingly for someone who was in the condition he was in, he kept all of us calm because if it were me, I would’ve zapped out,” Busch said.

He said he’ll never forget the look in Sergeant Carrington’s eyes while he fought for his life.

“Hurt and desperation,” Busch said of Carrington. “It was like he was fighting for his family and was fighting to come home. He was more worried about his children than actually his own self.”


Garland Fields has known Carrington for 15 years and said his character is unmatched.

“He’s so friendly, he speaks to everybody,” Fields said. “An all-around good guy.”

Other witnesses recall hearing the gunfire Thursday afternoon, but they thought it was firecrackers.

Leroy House said he was visiting his brother when a sound cut through the air.

“We were in the backyard doing yard work, and thought it was firecrackers,” House said.

As his brother ran to help the man on the ground, they told responding officers the victim was Sergeant Carrington, a 22-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department.

“He was just holding him, telling him to stay calm,” House said.

Carrington is still in Shock Trauma in the ICU.


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