BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 28-year-old man will spend seven years in prison after shooting an illegally possessed gun at the father of his girlfriend’s child- in front of the child.

Justin Hopkins, of Baltimore, was sentenced to seven years in prison Monday, followed by three years of supervised release for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

On February 22, 2018, Hopkins and his girlfriend were waiting for her son at their home in North Baltimore. But before the child arrived, Hopkins and the child’s father, D.J., who was bringing the child over, had fought verbally with physical threats.

Hopkins was waiting outside when D.J. arrived with his girlfriend and the child. The two men immediately confronted each other, and D.J. challenged Hopkins to a fight.

Hopkins then said, “I got something for you,” and went into the house, leaned out the top floor window, pointing a gun at D.J. and K.C.

D.J. walked into the middle of the street, daring Hopkins to shoot him- to which Hopkins responded by firing multiple rounds- missing D.J.

D.J. and his girlfriend got into their car to flee and Hopkins shot again, shattering the sunroof. They then called the police.

An officer responded and chased after Hopkins, who was running away with a silver backpack with spikes on it.

The officer apprehended Hopkins but had to recover the backpack afterward, where officers found a .22-caliber short-barreled rifle and spent ammunition, with the barrel and handle of the rifle being sawed off.

After he was arrested, Hopkins made a recorded jail cell call to his girlfriend and admitted to shooting at the vehicle driven by D.J.


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