Hi Everyone!

Another humid start to the day, but this day will be a bit cooler than yesterday. A slight NNE flow, the air coming our way from two bays and the ocean will keep temps in the low mid 80’s compared to yesterday’s upper 80’s.

But one thing that has not changed in the forecast, from yesterday, will be the chance of a spotty shower or a t-storm? Question is will this play into the Ravens/Packers game tonight?

The future cast does show showers and some t-storms blossoming in the area between very late afternoon and an early bedtime. They, on the future cast, pop up all around but not really over the city. Time will tell.

Much the same deal is the forecast tomorrow and unfortunately Sunday.

We had been discussing, yesterday, a calm weekend and Monday. Now Saturday, and Monday, still have no mention of showers or thunderstorms.

But Sunday, we have added that widely scattered chance. Look no day is going to be a washout, but only two of seven days look to be very dry.

Ravens vs. Packers tonight. Just a few weeks and counting until the regular season begins. Shortly thereafter the time arrives when some Fall-like numbers, daytime highs in the 70’s, will begin to creep into the outlook. A refreshing change is how I see it!



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