By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Brace yourselves for three days of heat index highs of 102°. (For sure today and tomorrow. Wednesday maybe just 100°!) To be honest the way it felt this weekend, and the way thunderstorms fired up, is how we are seeing the next three days. The dog days are living up to reputation. BUT there is a good news ending to this story. After a cold front passes the region on Thursday we will see temps drop into  the very mild mid 80’s, with humidity dropping off the front page. (Not wanting to jinx the deal we will just say, …”If the forecast does not change!”)

This week the Ravens will travel up to Philly for practice and a pre-season game on Thursday. A few fans will too. The weather there much the same as here. Gray skies and some showers possible, that is the previously mentioned cold front, but temps just in the upper 80’s.

Have a good day, make it a safe one, and we’ll sweat another one out, (together again), tomorrow.



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