BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Community advocates and volunteers continue to ride a wave of civic pride that is motivating neighborhood cleanups around Baltimore City.

The latest effort is the Baltimore Beautification Project.

Since President Donald Trump called Baltimore a disgusting rat and rodent-infested mess local volunteers and folks from out of state have pitched in to pick up what other people have left behind.

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Thursday and Friday, a group organized by a Florida trash company called The Traveling Trash Men went into action.

“If we want to see a change in the community, we need to be the example of that change,”

The Baltimore Beautification Project is setting that example.

“It’s great to have people from out of town coming in to help,” Vijay Chokshi said. “At the same time, we can do for ourselves, too. There are plenty of us that are motivated and want to make it happen.”

Chokshi and Taurus Barksdale launched their project near West Lanvale and Shields Place in 90-degree heat, filling two dumpsters.

“The community has really come together out here,” Chokshi said. “I’m proud of my city today.”

More cleanups are planned in the weeks to come.

According to a city report, an estimated 10,000 tons of trash are illegally dumped in Baltimore each year.


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