By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s hot. SO what is new, and I am not talking about “because it’s Summer.” Some numbers were crunched regarding the word “hot” since January 1. And here is, monthly, how it squares away in a historical perspective. (These numbers, “recorded history”, since weather records began in the 1880’s.)

January – 3rd hottest in recorded history

February – 5th hottest in recorded history

March -2nd hottest in recorded history

April – 2nd hottest in recorded history

May – We got a break

June – Hottest ever in recorded history

July – Hottest ever PLANET WIDE.

And the beat goes on. It is August 20, and we are in the throes of another heat wave. (I say another because I have lost count of how many runs of days over 90° we have had since Memorial Day.)

Soon Fall will come, and how will the numbers, relative to the average square away? All I can say is an old TV line, (and it is most appropriate), “Stay tuned.” Just WOW!!!