Hi Everyone!

Another day of heat, humidity, and potential thunderstorms. But I am seeing this a bit differently. To me, we are one day closer to ending this spate of rude Summer and enjoying a beautiful weekend. Got a half-full glass today. That’s the ticket.

Ya can’t really do anything about the weather but live it best you can no matter what the conditions. And the numbers for the weekend are really impressive and something to look forward to. Not just the daytime highs in the upper 70’s to low 80’s, but overnight lows 10+ degrees cooler than the past many nights. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will feature lows in the low 60’s.

Some folks in the suburbs might see overnight numbers the upper 50’s. NICE!!..Literally!

So this afternoon as we deal with sweat running down the center of our backs, again, remember we are one day close to a big change. Today is August 21st, we are 2/3’s through Summer. One more month to go. But in the next 30 days we will begin to see that, hopefully, slow morph toward Fall. Really something to look forward to.



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