BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Illegal dumping is the main issue when it comes to trashed alleys in Baltimore, several of which have been cleaned in recent weeks.

Litter, however, is also widespread, but trash experts say there is a solution.

Last week, trash collectors from out-of-state got in on the cleanup in Easterwood — their diagnosis besides illegal dumping? Litter.


“Your cans, your bottles,” said John Rourke of Traveling Trash Men. “So people are just discarding this stuff. So, probably one of the remedies to that could be more garbage cans placed around the city.”

Along Fulton Avenue, there are only five trash cans in a three-mile stretch; on Monroe Street, there’s just one.

“People in town just throw their trash on the ground, especially if there are no trash cans on the corner,” Aaron Strong said.

“It’s terrible in these areas. Streets and stuff are dirty and filthy,” Robert Wilson said.

Some residents resort to their own cans or even grocery bags.

“I can believe it. It’s Baltimore,” Strong said.

Starting at Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, you won’t find a single city trash can along Broadway from Madison, all the way up to North Avenue.

That’s almost a mile without a trash can.

“Lets put trash cans on every corner,” Strong said. “That will solve the issue right there.”

The city’s public works department says they’re looking for money for more trash cans, but usually put them at business districts and bus stops.

“I don’t even see one right here on the bus stop,” Vincent Coleman said. “That’s a bus stop right there. I don’t see one there.”

The DPW also says they’re assessing redeployment of trash cans in areas that may not be adequately served.

Public works officials said there are thousands of trash cans on city streets, mostly in business corridors.

Paul Gessler


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