MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, Md. (WJZ) — A 28-year-old Montgomery Village man is charged with two counts of third-degree sex offense stemming from two incidents in which he allegedly sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl.

Court documents accuse Luis Alberto Perez Giron of assaulting the victim twice in 2019.

The first incident reportedly happened prior to May 8 at Perez Giron’s home. The victim and her family were reportedly visiting Perez Giron and his family.

The victim reportedly went into Perez Giron’s room, where her two-year-old sister and his five-year-old son were, to listen to music. Court documents said he then entered the room and began kissing her neck before touching her inappropriately over her clothes.

Perez Giron reportedly threatened to hurt the victim’s family if she told them about the incident.

The second assault reportedly took place on May 8 at the victim’s home. Perez Giron’s wife, who was in labor, asked the victim’s mom if the victim could babysit their five-year-old son.

When Perez Giron showed up to drop off the boy, he allegedly let himself into the apartment. The victim hid in a bathroom but when she left, he was still in the apartment.

Perez Giron then allegedly sat her down on the couch and touched her inappropriately before trying to remove her pants. She was able to get up and hide in the bathroom again.

When the victim exited the bathroom for the second time, Perez Giron reportedly came out from hiding in a closet, threw her onto the couch, removed some of her clothing and touched her again.

He again told her not to tell anyone and said he was going to rape her when she turned 13, court documents said.

A court official said Perez Giron was held without bond at his initial court hearing last Tuesday and at subsequent court appearances.