BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you still think you can beat rush hour think again. Traffic in U.S. cities is so bad at all times of day, the term has become outdated.

The 2019 Urban Mobility Report found that the number of hours a single commuter loses to traffic delays has tripled since the early ’80s.

Average delays total 54 hours per year, per person.

Baltimore and DC rank among the cities with the worst traffic, according to the Texas A&M Study.

The DMV ranks third-worst in the nation.

In Baltimore, commuters spend 59 hours delayed on roadways.

Gov. Larry Hogan responded to the study’s findings:

Traffic experts agree that congestion in our region is some of the worst in the nation. They recommend “more of everything—roads, transit…” when it comes to infrastructure, and that’s exactly what we’re doing in Maryland.

As part of our balanced approach, we are moving forward on nearly all of the highest-priority transportation projects in every single jurisdiction all across the state. Over 800 projects totaling $9 billion for roads, bridges, and tunnels are currently under construction. We have invested a record $14 billion in transit, including the Purple Line, which is the largest P3 transit project North America.

We will continue to use every tool at our disposal to address the horrendous traffic that affects so many Marylanders.

Read the full study here. 



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