HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. (WJZ) — A wildlife rescue and area firefighters helped to save a 1-year-old female osprey found dangling by a leg from a nesting platform along Route 40 in Harford County Sunday.

Susquehannock Wildlife Society received several calls from concerned Havre de Grace residents that saw the osprey between Adams Chevrolet and Cecil Bank. The bird had something tangled around its leg preventing it from flying.

With the help of the Susquehanna Hose Company, the group rescued the osprey and put it in a carrier. It was still tangled in a braided plastic rope. The fireman removed the remaining rope from the nesting platform so this couldn’t happen again.

“Sadly it is common for birds to use human-produced litter in their nests, sometimes causing situations like this to occur,” the wildlife society said in a post. “This highlights the need to properly dispose of waste so that it doesn’t end up negatively impacting wildlife.”

A Baltimore City paramedic Jennifer Schiavone-Blake helped remove the remaining rope from the osprey and waited with other state and local officials while the rescue tried to find a center to take in the bird.

“Unfortunately the osprey showed signs that it was either internally injured or at the very least, too weak from being stranded for so long that it couldn’t readily fly. We all agreed to recapture the bird and Maryland Natural Resources Police Officer Milburn transported it to Phoenix Wildlife Center for proper care and treatment until it was strong enough to be released back into the wild,” the rescue said.

Phoenix Wildlife Center decided to take in the osprey after it was determined it might need some more time to recover.

The bird was given anti-inflammatory meds to help with her swollen leg and is doing better.