By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Yesterday turned out a bit nicer than the forecast read. I have the same hopes for today. Look it is not like we are in a foul weather pattern, it is this nagging Easterly flow. A moist breeze, and that is the rub that has a shower, mostly South and East, in the outlook.

We will have a front move in from the West tomorrow and that will shut off the Easterly influence. As it passes humidity will be swept away and a pretty darn nice forecast for the day’s leading up to, and into the Labor Day weekend, will ensue.

The tropics are getting active, but with no local impact. Dorian is well away from our shores and is starting to move toward the “vacation islands” with landfall on Puerto Rico tomorrow, Hispaniola Thursday, then by Sunday in a weekend state near the East Coast of Florida. Tropical Depression 6, which might get the name Erin, is well off of Cape Hatteras and will move North the Northeast but well away from us.

That’s what’s going on today. Make it a safe, and a good one.



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