BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The man who shot and killed 3-year-old McKenzie Elliott back in 2014 was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Wednesday.

Terrell Plummer, 30, entered a guilty plea in federal court on November 2, 2018, admitting his responsibility for McKenzie’s death.

Prosecutors say Plummer was a member of the Old York Money Gang that terrorized the Waverly neighborhood in Northwest Baltimore. The gang was involved in a dispute with rivals, when Plummer began firing his gun at them. A stray bullet hit Elliott as she played on her front porch.


Elliott’s mother Nina Epps gave an emotional victim impact statement during sentencing, saying McKenzie was her first accomplishment.

“I tried everything to make sure that she was safe. All I wanted was for her to have the life I didn’t have,” Epps said.

She also said she hopes McKenzie’s death can be a teaching lesson.

“I hope this will be a life learned lesson to everyone that we have to put the guns down, because we’re losing our children and they’re not having a chance,” Epps said.

U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Robert Hur also spoke Wednesday, saying, it’s time to turn the violence around.

“Today, McKenzie Elliott should be 8 years old. She should be getting ready for school. She and her family have been robbed of that experience,” he said.

During sentencing, Plummer addressed Elliott’s family, telling them he had nothing to do with her death and that he was sorry for their loss.

He added he took the 25 year sentence so he could get back to his family and said he was afraid he wouldn’t get a fair trial. The judge responded Plummer’s response was untrue and selfish and reminded the courtroom that he admitted to his involvement in McKenzie’s death.

“You can’t get away. Even if it was an accident or not, you have to pay the price,” Epps said.

Plummer was also sentenced to five years of supervised release following his prison sentence.

Ten other defendants charged in the case were sentenced to between 40 months and life in federal prison, the justice department said. Plummer was the last to be sentenced.

Rachel Menitoff


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