BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Advocates for Baltimore police officers are speaking out, calling Baltimore again a “City in Crisis” after two officers were almost injured while on duty Tuesday morning at around 1 a.m.

An officer on a traffic stop along a section of Reisterstown Road was allegedly almost hit by the driver of a silver SUV. Moments later, that driver allegedly opened fire on another officer — two acts of violence just minutes apart — and now the police are looking for the driver who they are calling armed and dangerous.

Search Continues For Suspect Who Allegedly Fired At Baltimore Officer, Police Say

The officer on the traffic stop told the information to dispatch and three minutes later a car matching the description of the silver SUV he had just called in was seen by another officer, parked nearby.

Police said the driver of the SUV started firing as an officer approached in his car, causing the officer to back away and the suspect to take off.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said officers started chasing the car. As the vehicle pursuit through the neighborhood began to become more dangerous for police and citizens- officers ended the pursuit.

The Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police responded to the alleged attacks calling Baltimore a “city in crisis”, tweeting, “The brave men and women of the Baltimore Police Department were told to stand down during the riots. Now we are being told to stand down on attempted murder of a police officer, #CityInCrisis”

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young addressed the tweet Wednesday morning.

“If we are serious about dropping down crime we need all the partners at the table we don’t need people tweeting and being a distraction,” Young said.

Young spoke of his frustration with crime in the city but said working together with the FOP is the only way to make a difference.

“I’m trying to get them to engage the community and build that trust back up once you build the trust back up we will get that information on who is committing all these crimes,” Young said.

Baltimore City FOP responded again saying they were “confused’ by the mayor’s comments.

“This past Monday, we were scheduled to meet with him to discuss some issues of importance to our membership. Unfortunately, however, the meeting was canceled by the Mayor citing his disagreement with the main topic and stating that there was no longer a reason to proceed with the meeting.” They said in a tweet Wednesday afternoon.

“Honesty, or the lack thereof, is the single largest barrier we have in establishing a productive relationship with the City and the BPD. FOP #3 will continue to be open and honest with all, in regard to what is occurring in Baltimore as it is imperative to finding a solution. At this point, there are no scheduled meetings between FOP #3 and the Mayor,”

No officers were hurt, and the search continues for the suspect driving the silver SUV.

Rachael Cardin


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