By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A bit gray, a bit of sun, a bit of rain, and a bit of a chance of a thunderstorms today. All things considered a fairly straightforward outlook. A front sweeping by will move humidity and clouds out, and that will set us up for a fine lead up to, and start of, the Labor Day weekend. A lot of sun, not a lot of humidity or heat, but not Fall like either.

On Sunday we have added a bit more clouds than sun with a chance of a t-storm to the forecast. A bit of a downgrade. But a bit nicer on Monday. Though I would not classify Sunday as a washout by any means.

The tropics are needing a closer look especially Tropical Storm Dorian. He is going to make a run at the Northeast Florida coast, near Jacksonville by next Monday. Possibly as a Cat 2 hurricane. Tropical Storm Erin will pass by us but well offshore. She will, though, stir up the ocean and we will need to be on point for increased wave action and some rip currents at our beaches.



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