BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore Firefighters Union tweeted that Baltimore City Fire Department began sending less fire equipment to reported fires starting Sunday- and they’re not happy about it.

They posted a thread detailing a report that firefighters responded to that ended up needing more help than they had initially.

The local union tweeted later in the evening saying that less than 24 hours after the new reduced fire response policy by the BCFD Administration it has already “jeopardized the life of a citizen,”

They cited a fire on Sunday night, tagging local media and Baltimore local lawmakers and councilman.

“It’s time to contact your City Council member and Mayor to retract this new policy that puts citizens and firefighters lives in jeopardy,” The union tweeted.

They claim that in the first day the new reduced response policy has been in effect, it has already jeopardized the life of a citizen.

In a press release Sunday night, the union details how a 911 call for a person trapped inside a burning building was classified as a “Local alarm” resulted in a dispatch of less than two engines, one less truck and one less battalion chief.

“This dangerous practice resulted in 17 firefighters on the initial response rather than 30, which was the previous standard,” They said.

The union said that firefighters who responded found an occupant trapped in the burning building, but did not have the proper resources because of the new policy.

They said the civilian involved was severely injured but is still alive.

“Our excellent firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s and our dispatchers will always be there for the citizens,” They added.

“This Local has opposed this policy vehemently since its inception. We will continue to advocate for our residents and members to ensure the safety of everyone is maintained. We hope that the Fire Department Administration will see that despite less than 24 hours into this new policy in effect, it has already demonstrated that this new policy is a dangerous practice and needs to stop now,” They concluded in their statement.


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