ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — To keep the Chesapeake Bay clean and protect wildlife, Annapolis passed a new styrofoam ban last October.

Officials said that the material doesn’t break down and can harm the environment.

“We see Annapolis as the capital of the Chesapeake so we think we should be on the forefront of doing things that can stop the pollution that’s to our waterways,” one official said.

After a grace period, the ban went into effect on Sunday, and now food served in Annapolis can only be served in containers made of compostable material, paper aluminum, recyclable plastics or glass.

Most restaurant managers said they were in favor of the ban.

“If we protect we’re okay with that” a restaurant manager said.

“To keep the earth the way that way it was when we first got it here and the longevity of our children and our children’s children I think it’s important.” another added.

While some managers said they have had issues with some containers melting and they also tend to be more expensive- they still said it’s worth it.

“You’re talking about a minute increase in expense it’s not anything that anyone should be crying about,”

Annapolis isn’t the only local jurisdiction to pass a styrofoam ban. Anne Arundel County also passed a ban that goes into effect on January 1 of next year and a statewide ban begins on July 1.

Stetson Miller


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