BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The day after Labor Day, and back to it! The day after Labor Day and we look at a calendar and note we are within three weeks of Fall. Time marches on. And behind a cold front moving through tomorrow we will see daytime highs in the mid to low 70’s to end the week. And that will come with gray skies, for the most part. And it will feel like jeans weather!

Don’t go looking for the Fall fun corn maze yet, we still have some seasonal and humid weather on the way.

Speaking of “on the way” let’s discuss Dorian. Still a very big deal but not so much of a threatening big deal to us. The strong cold front coming by tomorrow, and high pressure building in behind, should be enough to steer Dorian away from us. There could be some surf, and other coastal issues but for the most part a miss. Close but a miss. BUT this is as of right now. When dealing with tropical weather we live from update to update. Things can change, just ask the folks in South Florida who had prepared for a head on strike. They woke up this weekend to find the storm had taken a 90 degree turn North. The point is proven…the forecast for Dorian is valid until the 11 AM update from the National Hurricane Center.



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