BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A triple shooting Tuesday night struck three teens in northeast Baltimore, and one of them- a 19-year-old man- was killed in what neighbors described as a shootout just after 10 p.m.

“It was terrible, it was real bad,” said Roslyn Holliday, of northeast Baltimore.

Neighbors said detectives were going door to door after shots rang out.

“…maybe five to six shots in a row,” said Mariah Patel, of Baltimore.

Forensics got a daytime look at the latest multiple shooting scene.

“The kids that are coming up today, I just don’t know. I mean, I just don’t know what to say,”

Neighbors in the area surveyed their damaged cars after the incident.

“If somebody was sitting in the driver’s seat, they wouldn’t have made it,” Holliday added.

The other two victims, an 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old teenage girl were shot as well.

“I’m tired of prayers and condolences,” Patel said. “I want to see action against it. The system is set up in a way where a lot of these teenagers don’t have opportunities to find something better to do with their time,”

232 Homicides In Baltimore So Far This Year, 33 More Than Last As Of Tuesday Night

Just northeast of Tuesday night’s triple shooting, last month, two 17-year-old teenaged boys were killed within 10 days and a few blocks from each other on different sides of Herring Run Park.

17-year-old Antonio Skipwith was killed on Mayfield Avenue two weeks ago- and just last week- 16-year-old Milton Carrington was killed in a quadruple shooting on East Monument Street.

“I’ve been to funeral homes so many times in the last couple months. It’s sick. It’s got to stop. It’s got to stop,” said Sherry Buber, northeast Baltimore resident.

The names and ages of last night’s homicide and four other city homicides in the past two days have not all been released to the public.

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