BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Maryland is on the road to overhaul the toll-taking business, with everything from cheaper rates, to video tolling.

It’s something the Hogan Administration has been chipping away at.

“Wehn Governor Hogan first decided to cut tolls, we have accumulated about $94 million more than what we had anticipated because people change their behaviors,” MDTA Executive Director Jim Ports said.

When toll roads are more affordable, people are more apt to use them. The next step is to reduce the tolls for motorcycles by 50 percent, and RV’s and small trucks pulling trailers by 17 to 25 percent.

Another proposal is going cashless. The Maryland Transportation Authority wants to get to the point where nobody has to stop to pay a toll.

“I think people are generally happy with the fact they breeze through the toll facilities at highway speeds,” Ports said. “That’s been a big thing. For people who have campers or trailers, they’re very excited. Of course the motorcycles, they’re extremely excited they’re going to get a 50 percent discount.”

The MDTA would like to know what you think. It is now holding a public comment period both online and in-person with meetings.


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