ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Giovanni Morgan is desperate to find Ferny, his missing support cat, and the search is on to bring him home.

Morgan was staying at a DoubleTree hotel 15 days ago in Annapolis when Ferdinand got out.

Morgan just started his freshman year at St. John’s College, and now he’s at school without a major part of his support system.

“Yes it’s been really difficult,” Morgan said.

Ferdinand is described as a pale ginger-colored cat with green eyes and a clipped left ear.

“He’s a family member, and he’s my best friend, so that’s why this has been so difficult,” Morgan said.

Morgan has clinical depression and Ferdinand, or Ferny as he is affectionately called, helps him tremendously, he said.

“I would always have a motivator to get out of bed in the morning, I would have somebody to take care of,” Morgan said.

And with Ferny missing, he said it’s been a rocky start to college.

“I missed the first two days of classes because that was immediately after he went missing,” Morgan said.

Focusing on the area he went missing, around the Hilton Doubletree in Annapolis, Morgan has been putting up flyers and lawn signs.

“I’ve been out here 12-13 hours at a time,” Morgan said.

He isn’t alone in his search. The community has rallied around him, providing equipment and manhours to help find this cat.

“It’s a passionate group of people trying to catch this cat,” said Barbara Hammond.

Hammond was one of the first to respond to a Facebook post looking for Ferny. Over two weeks later, she’s still on the case.

“He’s just being a cat, and he’s being a difficult cat. He’s here somewhere and we’re going to find him.

Morgan says if you see Ferny, don’t chase him.

Call 301-332-4498 or 772-777-5699.

Sean Streicher


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