Hi Everyone!

A busy day in the studio is a good day. It makes the hours fly by to be honest. We start the show at 4:30 A.M., next, you look at the clock and it is near 7 and the end of the broadcast. But I could do without the business of a hurricane. I am sure you can too.

Thunderstorms, Tropical weather, Nor’easters, Heavy Snowfalls, over the course of a year we touch them all here in the Mid-Atlantic. In between the calm of Spring, Summer’s “dog days”, and Fall. Winter at times just calm and gray if on the mild side.

The point here is our yearly weather is never dull. I have often wondered what the TV weather folk in Hawaii do when every day is a one-word forecast, “Beautiful.”

Tomorrow, here,  just a bit breezy with a passing shower or two. Ocean City will have windier conditions with rain. And expect some dramatic ocean shots too. All things considered call it a win for the home team. One of many we have had this year.



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