By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A pretty calm, weather, start to the day. And this day, weather-wise, should remain pretty relaxed. Actually coast to coast, weather-wise, life is pretty calm today. Nothing wrong with keeping a weather blog, or vlog simple. Enjoy a mild day about 4° above normal at 84°.

Something to look forward to will be Friday’s full moon. It is the “Harvest Moon,” and will be a “Micro Moon.” We’ve all heard about the “Super-Moon”, and this simply put is the opposite. It is when the full moon occurs when La Luna, in its orbit, is furthest away from earth. At its apogee. Friday night the moon will look 14% smaller than normal. Hence the “Full Micro Moon.” (The actual science term for this is “The Apogee Moon.”)

Personally I would plan on seeing this phenomenon on Thursday, or Saturday, as Friday and Friday night look to be overcast, and cool.



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