BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Cheers! It’s Friday eve! And this Thursday could be a very hot one.

Wednesday, we were in the upper 90’s at BWI-M, the mid-’90s at the Science Center. Today the mid 90’s with a heat index of closer to 100°.

But where I am going with this is not telling you what you already know, that it will be hot again, but rather just how cool and Fall-like feeling tomorrow maybe.

We have a cold front sliding down the coast. A “back door” front it is called. Behind it air coming right off the Atlantic.

That means low clouds, a damp feel, and an overnight low closer to 60° than the past nights low-mid 70’s.

Tomorrow almost 20° cooler than today in the mid 70’s. Now mid 70’s to me is not chilly by any stretch, but a drop of 20° at this time of the year, with Fall approaching, will get your attention.

We are going to have some Ravens fun tomorrow morning. I will be outside.

I know I am wearing a Ravens baseball jersey, I might darn will drop a long sleeve Under Armour tee underneath.

But tomorrow is just a hint of the change of seasons, we’ll be back to late Summer temps as we move through the weekend. By game day it will be my camo shorts and Ravens tee for sure.

Summer isn’t done quite yet. Good.


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