BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One by one, 25,000 dominos will fall in a massive display at the Maryland Science Center.

Scott Suko, of the Maryland Science Center, said that the whole show takes nearly an entire week to build. It’s comprised of 25,000 dominos and expertly designed to tell a story as they topple.

“We have stoppers that prevent accidents from happening,” Suko said. “Once they’re out, if anything goes on, we lose the whole show.”

This year’s theme is “Life Rising.”

“It’s essentially the history of life on earth illustrated in domino-style,” Suko said.

The dominos take the shape of rivers, molecules, a toppling tower, and DNA.

“There’s a lot of art to it,” Chase Blanchett, of the Maryland Science Center, said. “Designing and it making it look aesthetically pleasing. There’s engineering to it, obviously. You have to make it work. But, it also is about making it look nice.”

As for the grand finale, that’s a surprise saved for Saturday. You can watch the dominos topple at 2 p.m. from the Maryland Science Center.


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