Hey Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend, especially all the sun we had Sunday.

Summer weekends are now down to 1, next weekend, as fall begins on the 23rd. This week is going to be a very pleasant and calm one,  but today will be another hot and humid afternoon. At least today, unlike yesterday, we will have shade clouds around.

As a cold front slides across the area, (later today), we will see a couple of showers pop up, mostly, North of the Metro.

Today’s weather is about that easy.

Did you see the moon over the weekend? It was beautiful, but you could see it much smaller than normal as it was at the far point, the Apogee, of it’s elliptical orbit. 14% smaller to be exact was this year’s Harvest Moon, but have you ever seen a full Moon that didn’t give you reason to pause and look?

Clear day’s and starlit nights. Not a bad mid-September outlook. Find ya some “me time” and enjoy.



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