By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This morning our two live reporters, Mike Schuh, and Kimberly Eiten, both had light coats on. To me that says “game on” for the arrival of a new season. 57° is the normal overnight low right now and that is where we were this morning. But the upper 50’s are on the cool side by human standards no matter what the science. Later on today a very normal 78°. And this is, for the next few days, a look at fashion to come. Dressing for the crisp morning air but not so much so to be uncomfortable in the mild hours of the afternoon. #SeasonsChanging

We are going to get one last good hit of Summer during the season itself, and that will be this weekend and into next week and the first few official days of Fall. But lets be real, Summer temps are not over yet. Hot days will become fewer and far between. But remember after the first frost, when we get a run of temps well above normal, we will be talking about “Indian Summer.” And in the Mid-Atlantic that is guaranteed to happen.

But for now, before the temps blowtorch in 3 days, enjoy that taste of morning Fall, and Spring like lunch hours.



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