BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After the Ravens had their first loss of the season, some fans are criticizing Coach John Harbaugh’s choice to go for three 2-point conversions.

The game ended with the Chiefs winning 33-28 over the Ravens and fans believe those unsuccessful attempts lead to the teams loss.

Baltimore Ravens Lose To Kansas City Chiefs, 33-28

After the Ravens first touchdown, Harbaugh chose to go for two points rather than a field goal. It was unsuccessful. He also made called for a two-point conversion on a 4th down at the 50-yard line versus and punt.

“I keep reading all these articles this morning giving John Harbaugh credit for his analytics approach to the Ravens game at KC, saying all the 2-pt tries gave them ‘the best chance to win’,” tweeted Terry Taylor. “But if they’d just kicked the 3 XPs, they would have just needed a [field goal] to win late.”

Bad day for coaching in the NFL. To Harbaugh and the Ravens going for 2pt conversion three times (you have Tucker),” said Joe Fischer. 

Harbaugh is too arrogant to admit he was wrong but bet we run against Browns,” said Mike Mullenix.

Ravens we had a chance to win but unfortunately John Harbaugh‘s dumb by not taking the extra point decisions cost us the game,” said David A. Fuller. 

It’s easy to criticize after the Ravens lost, but Harbaugh said he was just following the analytics.

“There’s an understandable outcry of criticism of Harbaugh’s decisions to go for 3 2-point conversions, all of which he says were ‘supported by analytics’,” WJZ Sports Director Mark Viviano tweeted. “Analytics are part of every sport. They offer numerical probability, not a certainty. It’s still sports and players gotta play.”

When asked about the decisions, this is what Harbaugh said at the post-game press conference:

“All of those were clear analytic decisions to go for ,” he said. “We’re going to keep playing that way. We don’t play scared.”

But others supported Harbaugh’s decisions, saying he was playing to win against the Chiefs who have an amazing offense.

I’m going against most of y’all. I like Harbaugh’s aggressive decisions to go for two and go for it on fourth down,” said one Twitter user. 

“I know I’m in the minority, but I like how aggressive Harbaugh was yesterday. There’s no room for fear or being average in the NFL, especially on the road against an elite team. You want something? Go get it. It just didn’t work for them this time.,” said Towson University’s assistant football coach Mike Fast.

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