BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Bennett’s Curse Haunted House ranks #4 among 25 haunts nationwide.

Bennett’s Curse is known for its giant monsters, otherworldly creatures varying in size, unique characters, and professionally themed haunted attractions that feature new technology and detailed design every year.

According to America Haunts, Bennett’s Curse makes its own darkly divine custom creations to scare like no other. Born from an asylum that plunged people deeper into madness, this haunt also takes the daring to the Underworld, and they’ll undertake long-lasting scares traversing through Legends of Halloween, the Inferno 3D, Ravenbrook Asylum, and Coulrophobia.

It will be featured in a documentary, “Nothing but Haunts,” that highlights the top 25 Haunted House in the country with Bennett’s Curse ranking #4 in the nation for scariest haunts.

House of Torment, located in Austin,Texas ranked #1 for scariest haunt in the country.

According to the release, Bennett’s Curse is a small family-owned business that leads the industry nationally in its 19th season here in Maryland.

Owners – Allan and Jill Bennett (Photo Credit: Bennett’s Curse)

The film will be sold online on October 21 and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

For more information on Bennett’s Curse, click here.

Written By WJZ Apprentice Ju’waun Morgan


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