BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens fans may say swear they could never root for the Steelers- but could you do it for $2,000? will pay you $2,000 to take on the challenge of spending the rest of the football season flying your rival’s colors and bragging about it online.

Whoever is picked will get paid to watch the rest of the season decked out in their most-hated team’s jersey- that they’ll provide you with to go “full turncoat,”

Once the season is over, what you do with that swag is up to you, they said.

“You can donate the items, burn them in effigy or use the gear to polish your trophies,” The release said.

To apply, fill out the form linked here– with up to 200 words on why you’re a great fit for the role.

You can send a video too- to show them your natural fandom before the experiment begins.

Tip: Show them your memorabilia, drop some football knowledge and why you hate the other team so much.

The application closes October 4 and CableTV will pick the winner of the challenge by October 11.


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