By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Yesterday’s all time record setting temperature for the month of October, 98°, is now in the rear view mirror, and here comes the first dose of Fall. And some good medicine that will be! The first weekend of October is now within reach and the forecast for good weather, and Fall like temps, is still on track. We will see a warm up on Sunday after a Saturday high in the mid 60’s. 76° forecast but clouding up on Sunday, and some showers Sunday night.

I point out Sunday because we do have a warm front cutting up the I-95 corridor and through the afternoon, clouds will overspread the region. Showers to follow later in the p.m. This weather is migrating East from Pittsburgh where the Ravens and Steelers will be slugging it out. Weather for the game at Heinz Field is questionable. Cloudy, showers around the “burgh”, and temps in the low 70’s.

Speaking of showers, besides some late Sunday moisture we do have a chance on Monday but a much better chance of seeing some much needed rain on Tuesday. We ARE in a “flash drought” condition in the Mid-Atlantic. Any rain will be welcomed.



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