BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Zoo announced Friday the opening of its newly renovated Meadow habitat in the Maryland Wilderness area.

Home to a dozen Eastern box turtles and an Eastern milksnake, the area now features new native Maryland species: the broad-head skink, American toads, and the critically endangered bog turtle.

The Meadow habitat is located between the Tree Slide and the Farmyard. Visitors can view Eastern box turtles from both above and below ground.

An underground passageway leads visitors to pop-up viewing bubbles that offer a unique perspective of box turtles from the ground level.

In the tunnel, the two original exhibits have expanded to three brand new habitats, currently exhibiting four Maryland native species.

Guests will be able to see the Eastern milksnake, broad-head skink, American toads, and bog turtles, one of the 25 most endangered turtle species in the world.

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