BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Maryland family is desperately pleading for your help to find a bag full of important travel documents before a wedding in Italy.

Menelik Kebede is getting married later this month and his father lost a bag full of travel documents after leaving the Baltimore Immigration Office on Koppers Street on Monday.

The family thinks that the bag may have accidentally been left on top of his car and then drove off.

If they don’t find the bag with the documents soon, Kebede said his father will not be able to get on a flight to witness the couple get married in Italy.

“This has been his dream to make it to my wedding,” Kebede said. “With the amount of time that we have left, we are not going to be able to most likely replace the documents to make sure he’s able to travel in time to make it. So we are just hoping for a miracle for somebody to retrieve it and return it to us.”

If you have any information on where the bag is, get in touch with the family at