BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We all know a good game of UNO ends in two ways- joyous gloating, or angry tears.

But thanks to a partnership between the National Federation of the Blind and the toy company Mattel, there’s now a more inclusive way to play the game.

UNO took a leap forward creating its own braille version of the classic game. It was a year in the making working with the Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind to perfect the deck for the bling and low-vision.

“It just opens up avenues that haven’t been opened before,” Melissa Riccobono, of Maryland Parents of Blind Children, said. “For us to be able to go to Target as a family and pick a game off the shelf and play it right away is wonderful.”

But Riccobono is not the only one loving the game.

“UNO is just such a good game, and it’s different from most other games I’ve played,” Alex Smith, a student at the Maryland School for the Blind, said.

“It’s fun, and it gives me a better chance to talk trash to whoever I am against,” Sydney Smith, a student at the Maryland School for the Blind, said.

But it’s not just games. Conchita Hernandez fights for more inclusive technology for everyday learning.

“Blind students are like every other student,” she said. “They want to participate. We’re not really asking for special treatment. What we want is to have the same things everybody else does.”

With over 1,300 students across the region, the goal is more progress.

“People feel a little awkward meeting them, or how do we include them. So UNO is a great way to bridge that gap. When we can play together, we can work together,” Hernandez said.


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