(CBS Sports) — After having Justin Tucker experiment with a new type of kickoff earlier this year, the Ravens won’t be allowed to utilize their new kick anymore, and that’s because it has now been deemed illegal by the NFL.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh raised some eyebrows back in Week 3 when he sent Tucker out in a clear onside kick situation during Baltimore’s game against Kansas City. With 2:01 left to play, and the Ravens trailing 33-28, the Chiefs thought an onside kick was coming, but instead, Tucker hit them with a surprise dropkick.


It was a smart strategy, but you won’t be seeing it ever again, and that’s because the NFL has banned it. In a recent interview, Harbaugh explained that the league office let him know that the Ravens will no longer be allowed to use the kick, even though the team had been cleared to use it against the Chiefs.

“We talked to [the league office], we explained exactly what we were doing and how it was going to go, and they said it was legal, we could do it,” Harbaugh said, via the Ravens’ Twitter account. “We talked to the officials before the game. They called the league office, again. They had been in contact with the league office, the officiating office, and they said it was legal.”

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