By Max McGee

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The owner of a jewelry store in Mondawmin Mall that was robbed over the weekend is threatening to leave the mall if its management doesn’t get tougher on crime.

Mr. Vinnie, who owns RK Jewelers, told WJZ it was a normal Sunday afternoon when a group of men forced their way in and robbed them. Now, Mr. Vinnie is so frustrated he’s threatening to leave the mall altogether.

Photos provided to WJZ show a number of signs up in the store’s windows demanding “safety first” and for management to “protect mall from daily incidents.”

Mr. Vinnie said Sunday was the second time his store has been robbed in six months. Two months ago, he was robbed with pepper spray; Sunday the robbers brought guns.

He has his own security, he said, but the men overpowered them on Sunday. He said mall management isn’t doing enough to protect people.

That’s led him to threaten to leave the mall and take his business with him.

“They need to invest money in police officers so they can be in the mall all the time,” he said. “We as tenants are very upset. We deal with this every day ongoing with robberies in the mall. We’re at the point where if this doesn’t get fixed, we can make a move to leave the mall.”

WJZ reached out to mall management for comment but as of Monday evening have not received a response.


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