By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Sunny and 3 shy of 80° this afternoon. 77° on October 14th. What a fine day we have. This evening will be just as nice with temps in the low 70’s around an early dinner time. Tomorrow we do it again with more sun and temps in the 70’s, albeit the low 70’s. We are, essentially, at the half way point of October. And here comes some more good news. Actually GREAT news! On Wednesday we have a very good chance of soaking rain!! I never thought I’d phrase a gray, very wet day, like that. But given how dry it is such good news.

The foul day of the net many will be behind that coastal rain storm on Thursday. It will be windy and chilly, but a huge rebound Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Back to sun and the 70’s.

Call it a win all weather week long.

And today  a Monday with Sunny and 77° in mid-October, call that like winning the Super Bowl!




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