BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After a violent weekend which has spilled into the week, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison spoke at a press conference about some of the biggest challenges to tackling crime in the city, and how his crime plan intends to overcome those challenges.

Harrison said the biggest challenge is the culture of guns and gun violence. He said the problem starts as soon as a person decides to leave home with a gun in their pocket.

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Police Commissioner Harrison also said the city needs more police officers patrolling the streets.

“But at the same time,” we’re fighting against a culture,” he said. “The question to ask is how do you stop them from doing that. Well, we have to change the culture.”

More than 270 people have been murdered in Baltimore this year, 30 more than at this time last year. Non-fatal shootings are also up.

The rise in violent crime has some wondering whether it’s time to bring back the controversial aerial surveillance plane. A new study conducted by Hart Research Associates finds that 74 percent of city residents are in favor of trying out the technology.

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Commissioner Harrison wouldn’t say whether or not he would support the surveillance plane.

“I cannot in good conscience, as a professional, support something that is zero-based, zero evidence, that tells us it can or cannot work,” Harrison said. “It’s based on an assumption.”

While some people are skeptical, many say an extra eye in the sky could be helpful.

“It would be a little bit creepy that something is monitoring you 24/7,” one resident said. “But maybe it would reduce the crime and people would get caught.”

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More than 20 people have been shot since Saturday in Baltimore.